For Students

Know your dominant intelligence and brain orientation pattern.

Realize your latent potential and tread on the path of success. Reduce stress levels.

Learn techniques that stimulate predominant intelligences. Stay inspired and create a sense of pride.

Find ways to use your intelligences across the curriculum, and improve overall academic performance.

Get guidance on future courses and career paths and make informed decisions.
For Schools

Detailed analysis report for each student with Multiple Intelligence (MI) distribution pattern and orientation of the brain.

Analytical report on MI distribution of the school with dominant / preferred learning styles and suggestive future courses and career paths.

Class-wise analytical report to the class teacher for support in curriculum.

Unique school specific structured MI-based interventions for teachers, parents and the students.

Custom and Personalised Psychoanalysis Reports on request.
For Parents

Understand your children better by identifying their potential and groom them better.

Support and guide them in subject choices at school/college and right career choice – a key decision for every child.

Encourage and motivate your children to help them succeed.

Setting right expectations decreases stress levels for both parents and children.

Bring about positive behavioural changes that blossom into a beautiful and lasting parent-child relationship.

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The K Factor Comprehensive Brain Assessment Program

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How it works?
Our Service Delivery Process

Assessment is browser-based* and can be taken on laptop / tablet / smartphone in under 30 minutes.
Schools will only need to facilitate implementation either at the computer lab or the classroom.
Assessments are available in English, Hindi, and select regional languages.
Custom Branding on Assessment Reports to include School Logo and Student Photo
Intervention and Personnel Development Programme would be designed over 3 months after consolidated student assessments report

* Requires minimum internet bandwidth (via broadband, datacard or WiFi).

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